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Company information

Based in Oman, Business Gateways are an IT organization implementing nationwide technology-driven projects that positively impact the growth of our subscribed business community. Integrated as a single system, the company is fast becoming the national procurement platform of Oman, connecting the world business community to the entire supply chain spectrum of Oman’s Oil & Gas Industry and all other industries. They are the one-stop solution when it comes to getting a one-year individual license for companies to carry out their business in order for them to reach the external market.

Challenges faced

After making a commendable presence in Oman, Business Gateways was looking to spread its wings and expand globally. They wanted to increase operations, promote and talk about a business model in that was built on innovation, technology, and sustainability to countries around Oman. Letting their target audience know about them being the main supply chain source for major operators and buyers in Oman was the task at hand for Footmarque. Oil Companies like Business Gateways always want to dig deep in order to make a profit. And it’s important that we, at Footmarque, did the same when it came to making them reach out to businesses to connect with the Omani company.

Here’s what we did

It was all about creating an online presence in the regions where the message needed to be propagated the most. The content and ideation were very very specific with regards to the countries where the posts were to be uploaded. Footmarque and Business Gateways worked in tandem in increasing the latter’s online as well as an offline presence across areas where there was a huge market to be tapped in.

Social Media Strategy

To strike a chord with the countries that Business Gateways targeted, Footmarque designed posts that were specifically geo-targeted. These posts were uploaded taking into consideration the different time zones of these countries in order for them to receive maximum traffic in terms of reach and engagement.

Website-Traffic Campaign – December 2016

To spread Business Gateways’ message across a global platform, we targeted the decision makers in a few Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman) by running a 30-day campaign in December 2016 highlighting their business model and benefits.

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EGYPS Campaign – January 2017

To create a presence physically in the global arena, Business Gateways participated in many business conferences. At a conference named EGYPS 2017, the aim was to build brand awareness in countries in and around Egypt for which we ran a 30-day campaign in Feb 2017.

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