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Owned by the Chettinad Group, the Karaikudi Kaalais are a team participating in the India Cements Tamil Nadu Premier League.


Footmarque was given the task of communication, building new followers and engaging with the fans of Karaikudi Kaalai digitally ensuring loyalty and retainment. Creating articles & Videos which would cover the player, support staff, strategy, match preview, and analysis. Interviews and stories about team bonding and fan engagement were written for the duration of the tournament Besides making additions to the official Karaikudi Kaalai website, Footmarque also handled the official social media handles of the Karaikudi Kaalai.

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We created high-quality engaging content and provided live updates for all the fans of the Karaikudi Kaalai team through the website and social media. This content was strategized taking into consideration the existing and new fans base keeping their brand awareness as our major goal.

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With regards to the website, Footmarque worked on the existing template and added articles, interviews to the website so that fans of the team could stay up-to-date. This was where the player profiles, player interviews, photos, match previews and match reports were uploaded. We had a match summary that gave a brief description of the game. Every interview had a transcript as well. A total of 54 articles were posted over the course of the tournament with the Karaikudi Kaalai. A team in Mumbai was handling all the website related work.

Content Creation

One of our employees traveled with the team wherever they went over the course of the tournament. He made sure each of their training sessions, bus journeys and off the field moments were well captured and documented in the form of articles, stories, videos, and engaging content. With fans wanting to know what their favorite stars are like in their daily life, we had a host of candid interviews with each member of the squad including the support staff. Through this, we gave fans an insight into what their starts like to eat, what music they listen to, etc

Created around 40+ YouTube videos

Graphics & Illustration

The few hours in the build-up to the game was important to get the fans on board and Footmarque, via a series of countdown posts, made sure that fans watch the Kaalais play either in the stadium or on the television. Match reports and statistics after the game let everyone know just how commendable the team had done

Social Media

When it came to on-field events, Footmarque was as geared up as the team whose social media we were handling. Previews were written with creative and interactive posts being uploaded. Our employee was also present in the stadium to live-tweet during the matches. Match-day was always the one that saw the most interaction as we gave live updates via updates on Twitter and Facebook. These various social media handles were monitored at all times during the tournament for maximum traffic, traction, and engagement.

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Our ten-member Footmarque team included 2 Media Managers, 2 English Content Writers and 2 Tamil content writers. The team was split into three, with one team based in Chennai, Mumbai and the other in Dindigul to Tirunelveli.

Karishma Kumar

Marketing Manager

Swathy Sahadevan

Social Media Executive

Shailesh Singh

Social Media Executive

Amey Patkar

Website designing & Content Upload

Ganesh Billa

Creative Designers

Aakash Patil

Creative Designers


Project Leader

Vinu Sahadevan



Content Writer

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