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Kitchen Grocery is a brand of Raj Shaury Spices which was incorporated in 2013. With the raw material sourced from regions that are known to grow these masalas, Kitchen Grocery aims to deliver quality and variety of spices with flavour and aroma to every kitchen and be the most loved and trusted brand by all our food lovers. Located in 9 cities across the country, Kitchen Grocery has slowly made inroads into the Indian household.


The customer always has options at their disposal, even more so when we talk about food. Competition is fierce for any masala company in India knowing that some households still choose to produce these masalas and spices all by themselves. The need to market the product online letting their target audience know about a company that prides itself on delivering naturally made Indian spices was of high priority. Reaching out to the masses never was more important for Kitchen Grocery.

How we helped

Talking about Kitchen Grocery reaching to their audiences digitally, we gave the masala giant the much-needed platform they required via the creation of their website and promotion of the brand via well ideated and made content and creatives. Through packaging of their bottles in the form of wrappers, we made sure that the audience is attracted to something very appealing. They would then purchase the product leading to an increase in sales.


The appearance and design of a good website is the make or break factor when it comes to getting the required hits on the website. Our thought process behind their website was to design in a way taking into account what someone who loves to cook looks for. We used images for the various products made by them and implemented that into the page layout. The menu tab on the top was well segregated letting viewers know the type of products, how are they produced, how to get in touch with us and most importantly — where to find us across the city.

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Deliver high quality for a top brand

Knowing that a brand like Kitchen Grocery offers their customers nothing but the best in terms of quality, aroma, and flavour, Footmarque too, had to step up and reach out to their target audience by delivering top-quality content in the form of captions and creatives. We let the audience and the avid foodie know that there now exists a brand of masalas and spices that offer them the best at the click of a button or a store near you.

Festivals bring the flavour

Where there are festivals in India, there will be food. With every festival comes a respective dish that has to be prepared on that special day. So why not make that recipe stand out from the rest by using our masalas and spices. That was the thought process that Footmarque used in the captions and creatives uploaded on the main Indian festivals throughout the year.

The spices are a click away

With us surrounded by technology and devices, it’s no surprise to see Kitchen Grocery going the digital route when it comes to customers shopping for its spices. Through a series of well ideated and designed creatives, we let them know that thanks to Amazon, their kitchen can be decked up with the bottles of Kitchen Grocery at the click of a button.

The audience knows about all of their 23 products

Footmarque went all out in terms of ideating and designing creatives where each of the 23 variants under Kitchen Grocery were brought on display. With a well-written caption to go with it, audiences knew that here now is a company that is the solution to all your masala and spice problems.

Know where to find the aroma

In order for Kitchen Grocery to reach out to the avid foodie, it was important for us to let them know about the cities where they could purchase the spices and masalas. We used a popular tourist attraction from each of the cities and made a creative letting the audience know that Kitchen Grocery’s network is getting better and bigger.

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