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Company information

RGV offers the platform for anyone with a knack for making good cinema to share their story on celluloid. They plan to release all kinds of cinema belonging to no particular genre. With anyone being able to create, their prime focus is on promoting good cinema that meets the company objective.


Ram Gopal Varma is a name synonymous with Hindi cinema. To make a website for his production house took a lot of creativity as we had to live to the high standards of the very talented and award-winning film director.

Here’s what we did

So many film-makers out there under the RGV banner, but with no platform to showcase this talent. If movies and short films are a way of storytelling and communicating a message to a select audience, Footmarque made a website and provided them the medium, the platform to reach out to the classes as well as the masses.


In order to promote the films made by RGV Talkies, it was important for the production house to have a website where interested movie buffs could come and watch cinema with good content and high production value. We made the website for RGV where one can view the host of web series, short films as well as get an insight into the world of RGV.

Free on the Beach

Giving an idea its necessary platform

An idea can come from anywhere and it can be made into a message using any medium. By making a user-friendly website for such an esteemed client, Footmarque made the process for film-makers to showcase their films under the RGV banner an easy process. 

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