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Since 2003, Cutting Edge has been catering to travel buffs and avid sports fan like never before. By giving them the opportunity of a lifetime, customers are promised a personalized journey that is delivered to them with the highest quality. With an experience of handling major tournaments like the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, ICC Cricket World Cups in 2011 and 2015, Cutting Edge added another feather to its cap as it was named as the Exclusive Sales Agent of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTm Official Hospitality Programme and were the travel partners for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.


Competition in the travel industry is tough and cut-throat. Grabbing eyeballs for a company that revolves around sending globetrotters to their favorite destination is difficult considering the number of options the customer now has at their disposal. Cutting Edge also caters to the sports lover offering them the chance to witness their favorite sporting event live at the heart of all the action. What Footmarque had to do via the company’s promotion on social media and through their website was to let their target audience know about the one place that can make their experience memorable.

Here’s what we did

With their prime focus being on sports and travel, the look of their homepage needed elements that were more on the visual side than having plain text. With them having been appointed as the Exclusive Sales Agent of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTm Official Hospitality Programme, we knew that we had to make them a website, social media, SEO and PR that displayed their professionalism at the highest level.


We designed the Cutting Page website and it’s respective pages in a manner where we let the avid traveller and sports enthusiast know about the various hospitality packages, holiday destinations and the exclusive benefits that come along should you have Cutting Edge to show you around.

Sports and Travel involve a lot of visual elements and that was what we went with as well. With with well-researched information about each of the sports events and destinations presented in a user-friendly manner, we made sure that your next trip is a step closer to being perfect and one to remember. The audience was now aware of a brand that caters to travel buffs and sport lovers.


No one has the time to scroll to the bottom of the page, let alone the second page. We used a set of selective keywords making sure that Cutting Edge appears at the top of the search result and we did it in 15 days.

Public Relations for Cutting Edge

We were in charge of handling the public relations for one of Cutting Edge’s most prestigious events in 2017. This was no ordinary press conference held in New Delhi and Mumbai in February as the company (Cutting Edge Events) was named as the exclusive sales agency for FIFA 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia. Their official hospitality packages offer football lovers in the country and across the world various levels of hospitality products designed for varied service levels and benefits.
The press conferences were held in these two metros due to the high number of media outlets. Members of the media were sent invites to the event and the results were just as we expected. We received a huge response from the media with the event being mentioned in their respective newspapers and online articles.

Social Media

In terms of social media, Footmarque made sure that enthusiastic travel buff and the sporting fan got to know all about what Cutting Edge is on social media. Both genres were segregated into Cutting Edge Journeys and Cutting Edge Sports that were promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A host of creatives that involved text as well as captivating photos was uploaded on a regular basis where fans were kept up-to-date with the latest sport events and travel destinations.

Creative for newspaper

In order for Cutting Edge to reach out to readers telling them about the host of services they can avail when it comes to travel, sports and events, we conceptualized and designed 2-3 print ads in esteemed newspapers.

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Be it a fast-paced Sport or the calmness of a destination, our creatives told the best story

There’s so much of sports happening round the clock, so many places to visit. We, through some well-made creatives, let you know all about them and how you can be part of an experience to remember 

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