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With the success of the Gary Kirsten event organized by the Saldanha International Academy behind us, Foot Marque had little or no time to relax in the coming days as it was back to business with the Academy roping in the Shillong Chamber Choir to Mumbai for the Spirit of Hope Festival 2016 that was held on December 22.


With a host of eminent personalities in attendance for the main event, getting the audience to know about the event in advance, ensuring a packed house at the event was the highest priority for us in terms of promotion of the event online. We had to ensure that the media covers the event in various newspapers and channels. Since the event was a high-class one that would have a lot of public figures, the quality of content had to be top notch.

Here’s what we did

We ran a host of competitions on social media that saw a host of winners end up with free passes. We shot and edited interviews given by the likes of Lara Dutta, Boman Irani and Rishi Kapoor, Capt. Allwyn Saldanha of the Saldanha International Academy and Neil Nongkynrih, the founder, mentor and conductor of the Shillong Chamber Choir. The big day saw Footmarque post video after video showing the Shillong Chamber Choir sing in full flow. It wasn’t over for us there as we even covered their workshop through numerous videos.

Influencer marketing

Script Writing for host

One of the key strategies that we implemented was influencer marketing. Since the event was one that would be attended by very eminent personalities, having a few celebrities to speak about the event and why one should attend it made sure that one would take this event very seriously. We wrote the script for videos that had Lara Dutta, Rishi Kapoor, and Boman Irani let audiences know about the grand scale of the event and why they shouldn’t miss it.

Influencer marketing


Music is one such genre where the message to the audience can be best conveyed through the use of well ideated and designed graphics and creatives. Via a series of contest posts that didn’t only make the audience want to participate, we also made sure that there was a visual appeal that caught their eye. Right from crosswords, event posters, and banners, the avid music fan now knew that the Spirit of Hope Festival was one not to be missed.

Influencer marketing

Social Media

Via a competition held on Facebook, we asked musicians to upload a two-minute video of their favourite Christmas carol, resulting in the best performer getting free passes to the event and the workshop the next day. Other competitions involved tagging a group of his friends, mentioning your favourite song, grabbing a screenshot of Boman Irani in an outline and spot the difference between two photos. The big day saw Footmarque show our expertise in the videography and photography department showing the Shillong Chamber Choir sing in full flow. Facebook live videos made sure that the viewer got to see everything at his fingertips. It wasn’t over for us there as we even covered their workshop through numerous videos.

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The Spirit of Hope Festival was a raging success and the event became the talk of the town

With eminent personalities from the city in attendance to watch an extremely talented musical group, we delivered where it mattered the most in the form of producing high-quality content. Be it creatives, competitions, live videos or influencer marketing, Footmarque made inroads in the minds of the avid music fan. 

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