Client : Finstat Academy

Founded in 2013, the Finstat Academy has a team of more than 30 industry experts and academicians who bring more than 50 years of cumulative experience. Spread across 3 centers in Mumbai and Pune, the first year of its analytics training saw more than 100 students enroll in its various courses. It maintains the important student connect by organizing a host of awareness seminars and career counseling. Industry tie-ups are plenty in the form of colloquiums, corporate training, and placements.


With a host of institutions and academies fighting for an interested student’s time and money, making inroads into the mind of a viewer and retaining attention is crucial. Finstat Academy has a host of lectures, exam information regarding schedules and results to hand out. It is important that this information doesn’t get lost in the vast array of knowledge the customer has at their disposal. It is important that through their promotion on social media, viewers get to know that they are getting bigger and better with passing time.

Here’s what we did

Updating students on exam schedules, results, course fees, lectures and the industry experts is done on all social media via creatives. We also help Finstat recruit a lot of people around the country in the form of recruitment posts. Articles and blogs on the field of Actuaries and Analytics are shared on a regular basis. What also helps make this easy for us is a seamless two-way communication between us and those at Finstat ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. Organically, we’ve increased their growth on social media platforms.

Social Media

Through social media, Footmarque ideated and created a host of creatives and captions letting Finstat’s audience know about the academy that offers a learning experience for actuarial aspirants. Be it lectures, exam schedules and results, their guest lectures, we made everything accessible to the viewer. Posts are uploaded on a daily basis on a wide digital network that involves Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Linkedin.

Our creatives make the field of Actuaries a very fun place

We made sure that the interested student gets the message in the best way possible without too much clutter. The creatives that we made for Finstat were designed taking into account the visual spectacle at the same time conveying the information in the simplest way possible

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