Client : Genuine Broaster Chicken Hyderabad

Founded in 1953, Genuine Broaster Chicken is known for serving pressure fried chicken. Present in more than 35 countries around the world, the food-giant recently made in-roads in India with as made as 90 outlets by the end of 2017. Owned by Mumbai-based Yellow Tie Hospitality (YTH), the Hyderabad outlet at Jubilee Hill, is a heaven for foodies who want to enjoy a delicious meal with the right ambiance at an affordable price.


The customer always has options at their disposal, even more so when we talk about food. Hyderabad is synonymous for delicious and lip-smacking recipes. How does one grab eyeballs in a city where everyone loves to eat is what we were tasked with. Making the customer choose Genuine Broaster Chicken over any other restaurant in Hyderabad is no mean feat. Despite Genuine Broaster Chicken being a worldwide brand, we had to think at a very macro level being extremely specific to the city.

Here’s what we did

To help raise awareness, we conceptualized a host of creatives about the food served at the restaurant to make the audience’s mouth water. Besides talking about food, we spoke about the ambiance that one gets to experience. Offers and events during the week (discounts) were promoted to increase the number of people coming to have a meal thus resulting in sales. A host of videos from the events at the restaurant were packaged in a way to attract audiences.

PR for Genuine Broaster Chicken

Event summary: Footmarque was involved with the food outlet on one of its biggest events in recent months. May 23 saw Genuine Broaster Chicken, Hyderabad play host to the book promotion of entrepreneur-cum-author Kapil Pathare’s “A Tall Order” that saw Mithali Raj, captain of the Indian women’s cricket team and former Indian spinner Venkatapathy Raju as chief guests. Besides handling their social media, Footmarque was involved in the media and press relations of the event.

Social Media

We created and marketed their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and G+ and got the promotions started in the form of creatives. On the day of the event, we provided live updates on their Facebook page through Facebook Live videos, images and captions to give the audience a real-time feel. Footmarque made a short video, capturing the essence of the event and the people involved in it, on May 22, a day before the event to add to the pre-event buzz.

Press & Media Relations

Being based out of Mumbai, we got in touch with print, web and TV journalists from Hyderabad. Press releases, both pre and post event were drafted and sent out to the media via a common Whatsapp group. We also made an event flow for the event that included scripts for the chief guests and the hosts. To conduct the media interaction at the event, we sent our media manager to Hyderabad. At the conclusion of the event, members of the media were handed out a press kit that included free food coupons from the Hyderabad outlet as well as a notepad and a copy of Kapil Pathare’s “A Tall Order”

Media Coverage

For the event, we created a Whatsapp group that had press members from the Hyderabad media in it. Invites to the event were sent to them so that the brand would get maximum coverage. The results were overwhelming as eminent channels and newspapers like the Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, The Hans India, Telangana Today, V6, HYBIZ TV, 6TV.

Social Media

Through social media, we let the avid foodie know about their lip-smacking recipes as well as showed our creativity during festivals where the audience now knew about the best place in town to celebrate the festivities. Gaining audience retention via social media through posts and creatives relating to events and discounts and live screenings of cricket matches created a loyal fan base at the restaurant. In short, our creatives uploaded across many social media platforms made sure that the pictures did the talking for the brand and strikes a chord with the audience.

Making foodies go crazy

Through our well-made creatives and captions for each of the recipes available at the restaurant, we made sure that the mouth of the avid foodie in Hyderabad has only one place to solve his cravings

Cravings during festivals

We Indians love our food, even more, when there’s a festival. Be it Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc, there’s always food to go with the festivities and celebrations that we enjoy with our loved ones. We designed a host of such creatives for the outlet, letting customers know that there’s one place in town where they can ring in the festivities in style.

Cricket and Food combo

Knowing that the foodie can enjoy his food as well as a game of cricket, we knew that this was a section of the audience that we had to tap into. We made a host of creatives that were uploaded a few days before a big match letting the cricket fan know that they can now have a blast thanks to the match screenings at the outlet.

Events & Discounts

There is always something happening at GBCH, Hyderabad. Letting the audience know about the offers, discounts and other events throughout the week would only lead to an increase in sales and that’s exactly what we did through a series of well-made creatives and captions that sure appealed to our target audience.

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