Client : La Mode

Company information

Launched in the year 1990, by Baljeet Olhan, La Mode Internation is one of India’s premier fashion and lifestyle magazine. The magazine covers features, articles in the genre of fashion, jewelry, accessories, health, beauty, latest trends, and lifestyle. With the industry being a highly glamorous one, interviews with eminent models and fashion designers also get prominent coverage.


Magazines have an extremely niche audience. The reader already knows what he/she wants to read. When it comes to the glamorous industry of fashion, it’s important for us to design a magazine that is visually appealing and grabs eyeballs. La Mode International comes with a reputation in the market, hence the articles, photographs need to match that kind of quality. Not just in terms of content, where we couldn’t afford to make any grammar mistakes, but the photos too had to be taken in a manner where it looked like a top-quality fashion magazine.

Here’s what we did

As part of the creative process for La Mode International, Footmarque is the creative consultants for the magazine. A major area where we shared our inputs was in making the entire design for the magazine. This was the biggest challenge for us as the cover page is all that the reader sees on first viewing. By designing a cover page that matches up to industry standards which lead to increase in sales of the magazine and viewership online.

What We Delivered

By having articles in the magazine uploaded daily on social media, we gave readers of the magazine the digital experience they sought. While this made sure they don’t miss out on anything, we also are the creative consultants for the fashion magazine creating their entire magazine.

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Giving top-quality photos to the reader

A fashion magazine works entirely on the visual appeal. If the mind of the reader isn’t attracted to what they see, they will not make a purchase. Using this simple rule, we make sure that the pictures used for La Mode magazine are of top-quality and up to the industry standard to be used for publication.

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