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Changing the face of sport and entertainment in India: Be it sport, entertainment or art. There’s a lot of upcoming talent that is just waiting to be discovered. Thanks to the Saldanha International Academy, youngsters are able to now discover and maximise their full potential by giving them the best of opportunities, facilities where they learn from the very best in the business.


By handling the press and media relations for the Gary Kirsten event, it was up to Footmarque to get the Saldanha International Academy the maximum amount of coverage in the media. In terms of content creation, the quality of this event had to be top notch. Considering the academy had got the former World Cup-winning coach do the maidans of Mumbai, it was all the more important for audiences to know the scale at which the Saldanha International Academy operates.

Here’s what we did

When an academy plans to change the face of sport and entertainment in the country, one doesn’t say no to them. Footmarque holds a very close bond with the Saldanha International Academy. Sharing the same vision as their founder Daron Saldanha, we took it upon ourselves to create their website, logo and promote them on all social media as well as be in charge of Press and Media relations for two of their biggest events.



The Saldanha International Academy is one that aims to change the face of sport and entertainment in the country. They are a company full of life and exuberance, one that gives the youth the chance to hone their skills in the field of sport and music. Hence making their logo required us to come up with something that looked youthful and full of energy. One look at them and you knew they mean business. Yellow and Blue made for a very good combination with regards to being vibrant is concerned. They wanted their initials to be mentioned in the logo and we incorporated the two letters giving their company a very youth-friendly logo.



While designing their website, we had to make sure that the brand identity of the Saldanha International Academy stands out. Using the brand colours of blue and white, we made sure that their vision and mission stands out and is easily conveyed to their target audience. By adding sections about their latest events with regards to sports and entertainment, we made sure that the viewer gets to know about this prestigious academy without having to waste much time looking for information. Their sports section spoke about their programmes and camps. We made sure that every news article, photograph and video could be easily accessed in a resource center tab.


Media Relations and Coverage

One of our biggest on ground events was a five-day cricket coaching camp in Mumbai held by none other than World Cup winning coach Gary Kirsten. A press conference was conducted where Gary addressed gathered members of the media. The event received a high media coverage with articles being written in leading Mumbai newspapers like the DNA, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, The Hindu, etc.

Giving viewers a real-time experience of the cricket clinic

Social Media

Right from fielding competitions to providing techniques on batting followed by an extensive lowdown on the conducted sessions by the pair, FootMarque had it all covered. We even went live on Facebook to give fans and viewers a real-time experience of the cricket clinic. When it comes to cricket, you need to capture a lot on camera. With the host of videos capturing Gary Kirsten with the budding set of cricketers, our videography put in a high-quality shift.

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No one does real-time coverage of an event as good as us

When an academy prides itself on promoting upcoming young talent in the field of cricket and music, the content needs to be created at the event where the action takes place. By having our team at the maidans or at a musical event, Footmarque makes sure that the viewer is taken right into the proceedings allowing them to get a real-time experience. By having gripping content in the form of creatives, photographs and videos, not only does the viewer get hooked, but a commendable media coverage is also ensured.

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