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A world-wide brand in the field of laundry and dry-cleaning, Jet Klean has made great inroads in the Mumbai market with stores present in Thane, Kalyan, Navi Mumbai & Andheri. With top quality assured backed by an extremely dedicated staff and customer service, Jet Klean has made the life of the customer much easier when it comes to laundry and dry-cleaning.


No one likes to do their dirty laundry for it is an exhausting and time-consuming process. With the continuous on-the-go nature of Mumbaikars, it was important for Jet Klean’s message, that they are the one-stop cost-effective solution when it comes to getting your clothes dry-cleaned, to be promoted on social media (Facebook and Instagram). True results would show in the number of consumers visiting their outlets across the city thus resulting in an increase of sales.

Here’s what we did

Realizing that time can be best utilized by getting your clothes dry cleaned at Jet Klean, we created content tapping into the audience that spends a lot of time doing and worrying about their laundry. We first let them know what the problem is and then brought in Jet Klean into the picture by letting them know of a solution that is very much at their conveyance.



Their website, designed by us, gives the audience a very detailed idea about the services that the laundry company has to offer as well as the locations of the various outlets across the city.

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Jet Klean: The A-Z of laundry

A for Apparels, B for Blazer, all the way to W for Waistcoat, JetKlean is the King covering all clothes and material from A-Z. We incorporated this idea into our monthly posts for the laundry company with 3-4 creatives being uploaded every month.

Our content and creatives is as fresh as the clothes that one gets from Jet Klean

Our content strategy for this laundry company implemented on social media platforms is widely appreciated by those frequenting their outlets leading to an increase not just in traffic and engagement, but also in their sales


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